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Glass is a valuable resource

Waste & Recycling

Contet sections
For every one ton of glass
5,000,000 pounds
traced through our system
$10,000 money
returned to the system
5 - number of partners
in the system
A circular economy

Our solution

The End of Waste Foundation is built on the vision of producing a circular economy within the recycling industry, eliminating waste and fostering a revolutionary paradigm of shared responsibility.

Through our Recycling Traceability System™ (RTS™) we track quantities of glass from bin to bottle, ensuring efficiency and accountability. At each stage of recycling, we’re creating the opportunity to divert glass from landfills and give it a new life.

Our system is powered by environmentally conscious businesses and consumers who contribute to the Proof of Recycling Program which subsidizes the efforts made by our waste and recycling enrolled partners to divert recyclable materials from landfills.

Contributing individuals and organizations receive the Glass Recycling Certificate that validates the amount of glass saved from landfills and how much CO2 has been diverted from entering the atmosphere.

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EOW™ Recycling Traceability System

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EOW™ platform based on blockchain tracks glass waste from hauler MRF glass processor manufacturer.

EOWF tracks glass waste from hauler, MRF, glass processor to manufacturer using proprietary software.

Once the loop is closed,  EOW™ Glass Certificates verifies the amounts recycled, the chain of activity and the CO2/GHGs offset.

Once the traceability loop is closed and verified, EOWF creates a Glass Recycling Certificate based on real quantities of glass being recycled.

Conscious consumers and responsible companies contribute voluntarily by acquiring certificates to help increase recycling rates. Each ton of recycled glass is valued at $70.

Environmentally conscious businesses and individuals acquire certificates to help increase recycling rates and offset their carbon footprint. Each ton of recycled glass is valued at $70.

80% of the contribution is returned to the system. $35/recycled ton is distributed to MRFs and Processors to cover negative costs. $20/recycled ton is offered for investments in technology, workforce, R&D.

65% of the contribution is returned to the system. $45.5 per recycled ton is distributed to MRFs and Processors. 20% is used for platform scaling and maintenance. 15% is used for education & R&D purposes. $15 per recycled ton is offered for investments in technology, workforce, R&D.

Reasons to Join the EOW™ Recycling Traceability System

Join a circular economy

to keep glass a valuable resource.

Receive funds for investments

in recycling infrastructure, technology and R&D.

Increase profitability by increasing

efficiency and offsetting costs associated with glass recycling.

Divert more glass from landfills

and into the recycling stream.

Localize glass processing and cullet sales.

How it works

Platform stakeholders

Contributors Demand side

Individuals, Product Manufacturers and Other Businesses who want to offset their CO2 footprint and help reverse climate change.

End of Waste Foundation Platform curator

Transactional Platform - Acts as a market place for Glass Recycling Certificates.

Recipients Supply side

Municipalities, Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs), Glass Processors and Manufacturers who are enrolled in our Recycling Traceability System™ (RTS™).

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John Stefanescu

Co-founder & Chief Traceability Officer

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Case study

End of Waste Foundation Partnership Save Millions of Pounds of Glass from Landfills

Over two million pounds of glass avoids Colorado landfills every month thanks to a partnership between the End of Waste Foundation, Rocky Mountain Bottling Company and Momentum Recycling. The collaboration effectively creates a sustainable and circular economy in the glass industry in order to tackle a recurring issue.

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Case study

Ripple Glass

Ripple Glass recycles glass from Kansas City and over 100 communities throughout the Midwest.

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Our Waste & Recycling Partners

These companies are currently enrolled in the End of Waste Platform tracing
and validating the quantities of material they help recycle.


Bill Dillaman, Plant Manager - Rocky Mountain
Bill DillamanPlant Manager, Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Bottle Company is excited to be a partner with the End of Waste Foundation in their innovative efforts to increase glass recycling in Colorado. As a glass container manufacturer that is looking for opportunities to increase the amount of clean cullet that we can use in our furnaces, we want to do our part to support this initiative and take advantage of the closed-loop system that we have in this area.

Michelle Goth Ripple Glass
Michelle GothGeneral Manager, Ripple Glass

We are proud to partner with the End of Waste Foundation to create more transparent and effective recycling systems. Ripple Glass recycles glass from Kansas City and over 100 communities throughout the Midwest. We have increased the glass recycling rate in Kansas City from 3% to 20%, but in recent years, that recycling rate has stagnated.

John Lair, CEO - Momentum Company
John LairCEO, Momentum Company