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Ripple Glass

Ripple Glass
Case study
Ripple Glass recycles glass from Kansas City and over 100 communities throughout the Midwest.

“Ripple Glass recycles glass from Kansas City and over 100 communities throughout the Midwest. We have increased the glass recycling rate in Kansas City from 3% to 20%, but in recent years, that recycling rate has stagnated. To increase glass recycling, the costs of recycling will need to be shared between producers, consumers and processors like us. The End of Waste Foundation will enable cost sharing between those that produce glass, and the facilities that recycle it.

Our mission at Ripple Glass is to keep glass out of the landfill by making glass recycling work. We believe that glass is too good to waste, and look forward to working with the End of Waste Foundation to fix the broken value chain of recycling,” says Michelle Goth, General Manager of Ripple Glass.

“In addition to increasing glass recycling rates, Ripple and End of Waste are on a similar mission to divert glass from landfills to the recycle stream. We’re excited to subsidize Ripple’s efforts to reach out to more communities in which glass is being wasted and bring it back in the recycling stream, thus building a circular economy,” says Ionut Georgescu, Founder and Chief Evangelist of End of Waste Foundation.

“We believe in the power of communities and that consumer behavior will help shift the paradigm in recycling. We appreciate Ripple’s innovative approach and the great work they are doing within the communities in which they are active. It is imperative that these communities continue to actively recycle glass and be the changemakers and the example for other parts of the U.S. Our business model includes financial contributions from conscious consumers who want to be part of the solution, and we believe that the partnership with Ripple will help us spread that message,” Georgescu adds