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Six Months Into EOW™ Traceability Loop Saves 2,625 Tons of Glass: First Traceability Chain Proves New Recycling Paradigm Works

Over 2,600 tons of glass have avoided Colorado landfills since the partnership between the End of Waste Foundation (EOWF), Rocky Mountain Bottling Company and Momentum Recycling was established in June. With the added of partnership of Truett Hurst Winery in July, this first collaboration proves the viability of the Recycling Traceability System (RTS) and the “Distributed Shared Responsibility” (DSR) model.

January 07, 2020
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California Companies Tackle Glass Waste in Wine Industry: Truett Hurst Winery and End of Waste Partnership Bring Sustainability to Glass Bottling

Truett Hurst Winery partners with End of Waste Foundation (EOWF) to bring sustainability to glass used in the wine industry. The revolutionary EOWF platform and certification process creates a circular economy that ensures wine bottles are being recycled and avoiding landfills. Glass bottling is what Paul Dolan, Truett Hurst CEO, calls the “missing piece” to the equation of sustainable winemaking.

January 07, 2020