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Glass Aficionado

Glass Aficionado

Have you contributed yet? Give yourself or your loved one the gift of a carbon-offset lifestyle in 2020!

By purchasing this beautiful, handmade, recycled glass bracelet you will help recycle 1,368 lb of glass and offset 520 lb of CO2 in 2020.
Wearing it will be a reminder of your commitment to helping the Earth. Personal carbon offsets are a great place to start as we transition into a circular economy.


Glass Recycling Certificates are issued for individuals who contributed and are an easy and verifiable way to offset CO2 footprint and prove recycling is taking place.

Certificates verify the source of glass, how much glass has avoided landfills and how much CO2 has been saved from the atmosphere.

Proof of glass recycling offers peace of mind that a truly circular economy is being built. It creates opportunities for personal branding and social recognition.