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End of Waste Foundation Partnership Saves Millions of Pounds of Glass from Landfills

End of Waste Foundation Partnership Save Millions of Pounds of Glass from Landfills
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Over two million pounds of glass avoids Colorado landfills every month thanks to a partnership between the End of Waste Foundation, Rocky Mountain Bottling Company and Momentum Recycling. The collaboration effectively creates a sustainable and circular economy in the glass industry in order to tackle a recurring issue.

End of Waste Foundations’s Recycling Traceability System™ (RTS™) allows material recovery facilities (MRFs), glass processors and glass manufacturers to trace glass from curbside bins to new products. EOWF then uses the data to create a glass certificate with the amount recycled, chain of activity and carbon offsets, which consumers and sustainable businesses can purchase. The funds are distributed back to MRFs and glass processors to subsidize the costs of transportation, decontamination or investments in equipment and workforce.

About Momentum Recycling
Momentum Recycling was founded in 2008 with the goal of helping communities move towards zero waste. While this may seem like a daunting goal, we believe that together, by taking small but important steps, we can make great progress. Momentum Recycling currently operates a glass recycling plant in Salt Lake City, UT and opened a new state-of-the-art Colorado facility in 2016 that is a bottle-to-bottle glass recycling plant. Current state of glass recycling in Colorado: The Front Range introduces ~10,000 tons of glass into the waste stream each month. Roughly 1/3 of this is collected in recycling containers (either single stream or source separated). Only the source separated or drop-off glass (which is ~10-15% of the total) is clean enough for use in bottle manufacturing. Momentum’s facility now produces high-quality cullet (recycled glass) for use in bottle manufacturing and in other local industries. See more info

About Rocky Mountain Bottle
Company Rocky Mountain Bottle Company LLC operates a bottling facility The Company produces glass bottles, bottles beverages, and prepares the finished products for shipment. Rocky Mountain Bottle offers its products and services to the beverage industry in the United States.

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