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Carbon offset calculator

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Carbon Offset calculator

Reasons to Join EOW™ Certification Program

Reach your sustainability goals

Offset your company’s carbon footprint. Every 2.63 tons of recycled glass offsets 1 ton of CO2.

Get Certified

Gain a 100% verifiable certificate that traces recycling efforts made by EOWF and our waste & recycling partners.

Gain market share

Studies show that consumers are willing to spend more for sustainable products and packaging. Gain competitive advantage by marketing sustainable packaging to your customers.

Receive recognition

The Sustainable Packaging Certificate and Stamp will cultivate your brand and strengthen your sustainability narrative.

Add to your bottom line

Besides providing a complete and easy to use marketing toolkit, we create a shopping catalogue of sustainable products created by sustainable companies for our eco-friendly subscriber base.

Find out what your contribution should be, using our carbon offset calculator

Required funding


Recycled glass

50 tons
25 tons
12.5 tons


CO2 offset equivalent of


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2. Learn about marketing advantages to stay ahead of your competition.
3. Your instant sustainability report and plan of action.
4. How can this program help your bottom line.

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