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A circular economy

End of Waste Foundation Supports the creation of a Circular Economy

The End of Waste Foundation is built on the vision of producing a circular economy within the recycling industry, eliminating waste and fostering a revolutionary paradigm of shared responsibility.
Through our Recycling Traceability System™ (RTS™) we track quantities of glass from bin to bottle, ensuring efficiency and accountability. At each stage of recycling, we’re creating the opportunity to divert glass from landfills and give it a new life.

Our system is powered by environmentally conscious businesses and consumers who contribute to the Proof of Recycling Program which subsidizes the efforts made by our waste and recycling enrolled partners to divert waste from landfills.

Contributing individuals and organizations receive the Glass Recycling Certificates or Sustainable Packaging Certificates that validates the amount of glass diverted from landfills and how much CO2 has been diverted from entering the atmosphere.

I invite you to Reimagine Waste with me!

Driven by my passion and a vision to create a new, positive context for humanity, I envision a future where our activities sustain the environment and help reverse the effects of climate change. What fuels me? Knowing that my two kids and their peers will inherit this world.

Ionut Georgescu
Founder and Chief Evangelist of the End of Waste Foundation

“Hi, my name is Ionut Georgescu (pronounced yo-nutz) and I am the Founder and Chief Evangelist of the End of Waste Foundation.

Driven by my passion and a vision to create a new, positive context for humanity, I envision a future where our activities sustain the environment and help reverse the effects of climate change.

What fuels me? Knowing that my two kids and our children will inherit this world.

I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years and a waste management expert for more than 15 years has worked closely with the European Commission, as a Waste Director for the Romanian Ministry of Environment and as the Chief of Staff of the President of the United Nations Environment Program - Consumption and Sustainable Development 19 Program to prepare Rio 2020, and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

I founded the End of Waste Foundation in 2018 to collectively contribute to the reversal of climate change by increasing recycling and investing in a circular economy that engages the world in the shared responsibility of waste management.

I invite you to reimagine waste together!”

October 2018

End of Waste Foundation was established in California.

January 2019

Proof of Concept and Platform Testing.

May 2019

In May 2019, End of Waste Foundation launched a new standard of recycling powered by blockchain. Our transparent, trustworthy tool traces the flow of glass waste from bin to new life, verifying recycling and recording critical greenhouse gas reductions.

June 2019

In June, the first waste and recycling partners from Colorado started using the EOWF platform. We were now able to track glass quantities moving through the various stages of recycling. From sorting, processing to manufacturing, each step in the chain makes recycling more transparent. This transparency is part of the critical steps to improving recycling rates, increasing infrastructure and creating effective tools to reverse climate change.

July 2019

In July, a California winery focused on sustainability became the first contributor to purchase a Sustainable Packaging Certificate. In the wine business, nearly 60% of greenhouse gasses can always be traced back to transportation and manufacturing of glass. By supporting the Sustainable Packaging Certificate program, the winery was able to immediately offset their yearly carbon emissions and simultaneously support initiatives to increase the circular economy within the wine industry.

August 2019

The EOW™ platform has traced more than 3 million pounds of glass.

September 2019

More than 65,000 people have engaged in the #savetheglass movement.

October 2019

Contributions from individuals start pouring in - proving viability for the End of Waste Foundation model. People show they care about the environment and want to be part of the movement by acting!

December 2019

A second traceability chain was established in Missouri using our platform.

End of Waste Foundation Timeline

We believe each of us can be motivated to make voluntary decisions to improve recycling- especially when we fully understand what’s at risk by turning a blind eye.

What we’re striving for is achievable and we have the right tools and technology to make this process simple, effective and ultimately rewarding.

End of Waste Foundation offers a system for municipalities, cities, states, and nation to collectively transform a linear/landfill model to a circular economy.

The ultimate goal is to create living-wage jobs, smart products, healthier environments, and resilient communities.

Our team

Ionut Georgescu - End of Waste Foundation

Ionut Georgescu

Co-founder & Chief Evangelist

Ionut is a veteran entrepreneur and waste management expert who has worked hand-in-hand with the EU and UNEP. He has dedicated his life to combatting global warming by leveraging innovative technology. Driven by passion and a vision to create a new, positive context for humanity, he strives towards a future where our activities sustain the environment and help reverse the effects of climate change.

Oana Molodoi

Oana Molodoi

Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer

Oana is an optimist by definition, an enthusiastic professional, and an entrepreneur at heart. With more than 15 years experience in marketing and business development, Oana is currently leading End of Waste’s marketing efforts and customer lifecycle management. Oana is fueled by a deep passion for leadership and and dedicates much of her time to her personal growth as well as the growth of others.

John Stefanescu - End of Waste Foundation

John Stefanescu

Co-founder & Chief Traceability Officer

John is lit up by the exponential potential of technology as a solution for the high-stakes global challenges we face as a species today. His understanding of the complexities and intricacies of the waste management infrastructure grants him a unique perspective on how the system can be improved. John's mission is to change the way waste is perceived, and to advocate for its intrinsic value seeing realizing. He is responsible for onboarding all waste industry stakeholders, ensuring that value gets distributed evenly among them.

Dan Dumitrescu - End of Waste Foundation

Dan Dumitrescu

Chief Innovation Officer

Dan is wildly passionate about the impact on information technology on society and human life in general. He believes that distributed ledgers and decentralized networks can help bridge a “trust gap” between parties exchanging information. Dan finds deep joy in brainstorming revolutionary ideas and is proud to have been apart of envisioning a trustworthy and transparent waste-tracing platform. Dan holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Bucharest University.

Ramona Dumitrescu - End of Waste Foundation

Ramona Dumitrescu

Blockchain Project Manager

Ramona is an experienced project manager with hands-on practical background in software engineering. She is solutions-oriented, has a good business intuition and loves to create order out of chaos. She manages the implementation of our blockchain-based traceability.

Gina Giovannini

Gina Giovannini

Operations Manager

Nikolas Zelinski

Nikolas Zelinski

Public Relations

Deanne California

Deanne California

Copy Writer

Our values
Grow trusted relationship

Our foundation

Everyone has the power to contribute to the end of waste. Your participation in the EOW™ Proof of Recycling Program allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by ensuring quantities of glass are truly being recycled and avoiding landfills.

Collectively contribute

We're all in this together

Together we can improve recycling rates, draw down our carbon footprint and protect people and the planet.

Build a circular economy

A system of mutual benefits

6 million tons of glass end up landfills every year. Due to economic realities, glass often represents a loss to the waste and recycling industry. We want to promote a future that values glass and long term environmental and economic sustainability.

Be resilient

Agile iterations for real impact

We’re a responsive and cooperative team that thrives on authentic feedback from our partners. Together we strive for economic viability and meaningful impact- now and for future generations.

Partner organizations

These companies are currently enrolled in the End of Waste Platform tracing and validating the quantities of material they help recycle.