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100% Recyclable ≠ Recycled

Out of the of 9 million tons of glass containers produced in the U.S. market, only 3 million tons are recycled. The other 6 million tons end up in landfills every year.

First, let's talk about meaning. According to the Cambridge Dictionary:

  • Recyclable: "able to be recycled"
  • Recycling: "the activity of treating materials or products using a special industrial process so that they can be used again"
  • Recycled: "having been used before and then put through a process so that it can form a new product"

So you have to take something that is RECYCLABLE, put it through a RECYCLING process in order to get it RECYCLED.

Imagine that today someone puts together a magic trick and everything we use is recyclable, 100%. Everything. Bottles, bags, cans, jars, straws, coffee stirrers... Everything.

Now what?

What happens tomorrow?

Will the content of your blue bin get 100% recycled?

Will the landfills across the USA close their doors?

To whom the responsibility will fall?

Is this enough?