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Save The Glass & Offset Your Carbon Footprint

A circular economy

Shifting the Paradigm in Recycling

End of Waste Foundation is on a mission to reverse climate change by offering businesses and individuals a new and easy way to become more sustainable and offset their Carbon Footprint.

We help businesses and consumers offset their CO2 footprint and reach their sustainability goals by boosting recycling through technology.

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Save the Glass and End Waste!

Glass is the sustainable and 100% recyclable alternative to plastic. With an infinite recycling capacity, glass represents a way to save future generations from the plastic epidemic. As US municipalities continue to drop glass recycling, learn how your actions or contributions can stop this devastating trend!

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Be the Change You Want to See

Be the Change You Want to See

The average American generates over 1,600 pounds of waste per year!

By donating to the End of Waste Foundation, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint with a verifiable Recycling Certificate and help divert more glass from landfill.

In order to fight the climate crisis, we need all hands on deck - including you!

Offset your Carbon Footprint

Product manufacturers

Make Your Packaging Sustainable!

Markets and manufacturers continue to favor more sustainable packaging and recycled material in their products. Learn how our Sustainable Packaging Certificate will help you achieve your sustainability goals and offset your carbon footprint.

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Success story

Truett Hurst Winery partners with EOW to bring sustainability to glass used in the wine industry

In July 2019, Truett Hurst Winery enrolled in the EOW ™ Proof of Recycling program. It's contribution helped divert from landfill and recycle 72 tons of glass, which accounts for an offset of 27.37 tons of CO2.

Waste & Recycling

End of Waste Solutions for Public Waste & Recycling

We work with Municipalities, Material Recovery Facilities, Processors, and Manufacturers.

Our Proof of Recycling program creates opportunities for our Waste & Recycling partners to divert waste from landfill.

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Case study

End of Waste Foundation Partnership Saves Millions of Pounds of Glass from Landfills

Over two million pounds of glass avoids Colorado landfills every month thanks to a partnership between the End of Waste Foundation, Rocky Mountain Bottling Company and Momentum Recycling. The collaboration effectively creates a sustainable and circular economy in the glass industry in order to tackle a recurring issue.


Bill Dillaman, Plant Manager - Rocky Mountain
Bill DillamanPlant Manager, Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Bottle Company is excited to be a partner with the End of Waste Foundation in their innovative efforts to increase glass recycling in Colorado. As a glass container manufacturer that is looking for opportunities to increase the amount of clean cullet that we can use in our furnaces, we want to do our part to support this initiative and take advantage of the closed-loop system that we have in this area.

Paul Dolan, CEO - Truett Hurst Winery
Paul DolanCEO, Truett Hurst Winery

For me, joining the End of Waste Foundation Proof of Recycling Program was about the opportunity to be able to contribute to a leadership model. Whenever an entrepreneur is starting a new project that has great value, it’s not always so easy to get people enrolled in it because it’s new, and we’re resistant to change. But when you can put it inside of the context of the importance of the contribution it makes to society, as a result of the contribution that it makes to the environment, it becomes an easy decision inside of a company that’s really committed to those sorts of things.

Michelle Goth Ripple Glass
Michelle GothGeneral Manager, Ripple Glass

We are proud to partner with the End of Waste Foundation to create more transparent and effective recycling systems. Ripple Glass recycles glass from Kansas City and over 100 communities throughout the Midwest. We have increased the glass recycling rate in Kansas City from 3% to 20%, but in recent years, that recycling rate has stagnated.

John Lair, CEO - Momentum Company
John LairCEO, Momentum Company

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